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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  September 22, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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sharon will have the traffic after bernadette woods is in the first warning weather center. well, it's going to be a wonderful day and a hotter afternoon. temperatures are come anything ranging from 60s to 70 degrees. you can see things updating as we speak. 60-degrees in westminster and 70-degrees in rock hall. now, this afternoon, we'll go up to 88 degrees. there's a chance far late day thunderstorm and we'll have the forecast coming up. >> where have the vehicles overturned? >> well, we have one on 95, it's an overturned vehicle and it's blocking a lane past aberdeen. it's blocking the lane, the right lane is closed. and now, a second overturned vehicle. this is to the west of the
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beltway on 70. it's approaching wood vine and that's blocking one lane again. and watch for debris on 50 westbound, that's blocking the right lane and in the westbound span and we have the police activity on the westside inner loop of the beltway between frederick and edmondson. that's the closest camera we have to the wreck. you can see, it's not effecting traffic at this hour. the westside of the beltway still running without delays. remember, wjz-13 is always on, for traffic information any time, go to back to you, don. >> here's what people are talking about newswise. a grand jury charging a man with prostituting a 12-year- old. >> reporter: good morning, once again don and everyone. a 42-year-old is accused of
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selling the 12-year-old little girl. already in jail, he had a federal prosecutor throw the book at him. the charge, sex trafficking of a minor. >> when you have the case, she was enticed by a 42-year-old man. >> reporter: according to the statement, he took the girl from maryland to atlantic city, sold her services eight times and brought her back to a laurel hotel. that's where she asked him to take her home and he refused and threatened to shoot her with a gun. >> he was involved in running a brothel he had several pros institutes working for him. >> reporter: she was left alone and she called her mom and the police arrived. >> it's fortunate that she was found so quickly. >> reporter: she was promised a large home and a top position
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with the pros institutes. prostitutes. -- >> his trial could start in three or four months. prosecutors say she's back with her family and she'll testify at the trial. give counselors could go to jail after a 17-year-old died while being restrained. now,the court of appeals up held the charges against them.
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>> this the teen struck and killed last week will be laid to rest today. family and friends will gather in joppa for the funeral of joey d'entremont. investigators say that the 19- year-old driver had the right of way and didn't see him. detectives comb through the home of the man who shot a doctor last week. they were looking for information about whether or not paul pardus planned on shooting the surgeon and his mother and himself. a death overshadows the campaign for 2010. a green party hopeful died after being hit. >> reporter: a grieving mother and a hopeful lost. this youtube posting of a maryland public television host
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shows her cutting her teeth in a run against mikulski. i don't feel that the elected officials are responsive to the needs. >> reporter: sunday morning, she was near -- on her bike and she was hit on an suv. the driver continues home driving the bike leaving her on the side of the road. the driver tells the police she thought she hit an animal. another gubernatorial candidate was going to visit the hospital until she learned what happened. >> she was so full of promise and she really wanted a life in public service. we can't afford to lose people like her. i decided to make a difference. >> reporter: statements from others say, they were sorry and
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they call it tragic. the candidate's mother wants answers. i would like to ask for a thorough investigation. the green party hasn't decided if they'll register in the candidate. it has until october 4th to do so. >> maryland's race is heating up. >> governor o'malley is leading by 3%. that's less than a 4% margin of error involved. ehrlich says this show that is voters aren't paying attention from the attack ads from o'malley. for the latest polls and information, go to this morning, the white house says it's disappointed by yesterday's vote on gay's in the military. and the democrats were hopeing
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to overturn don't ask don't tell. >> reporter: the senate democrats took a gamble and lost. the motion is isn't agreed to. >> reporter: the election year effort to repeal the policy failed by four votes. the democrats tried to include the repeal that's need to fund the operations in iraq and afghanistan. it's a tactic that out raged republicans. it's a blatant ploy that's used to galvanize the other sigh. >> reporter: democrats were counting on the support of moderate supporters like this senator. she sided with her party on the procedural vote. >> reporter: with the democrats likely to lose seats, this could have been their best shot for a while in overturning don't ask, don't tell.
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>> reporter: leaders say that the repeal should wait until the study comes out in december. >> i don't know what the impact will be. >> and for this man, change can't come soon enough, he was thrown out of the air force for being gay. >> you look for it and regroup. that's what people will be doing. >> reporter: he hopes that the democrats bring thish issue up again. an estimated 13 to 14,000 service members have been discharged from the military for being guy since the policy took effect in '93. the towson common have been sold for $28 million.
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it currently houses a movie theater and a sushi restaurant. the 2014 lacrosse championship will be at baltimore. m&t bank stadium will host the champions for the sixth time in a row. next year's tournament will be played at the stadium as well. harbaugh is going to address the recent fine from the nfl. he was fined for having inpermissible contact with an official. he got hot after he touched the official on the chest. he admitted he went over the line with the reaction. >> >> and it's the raven's home opener this sunday. they're welcoming the browns to town.
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that's live here on wjz-13. exciting. >> it is. you ready? yeah. >> ready for your tailgate? >> yes. always ready for the tailgate. i have to get there on time. we, well, with aeried the light rail to the game and it's tough getting three people on the platform in time to have a lot of time. my father, i grew up going to gapes. we would be down there at 9:00. >> i would shoot there for 11:00 and get there at 12:30. my husband has season tickets and that's different, college versus pro's. some are set up at 7:00 a.m.. >> oh, yeah, sure. you'll see the smokes coming from the grills at the parking
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lot. >> it's fun, it's a fun day and also, you'll see ron matz. >> good morning. ron! >> well, they just brought my new ride over. i hope you like it. >> take me for a ride later in it. i want to see if you can get in and out of it. not on tv! well, we have a lot of great cars. it's viva italian. it's on sunday and we have a preview. you'll take a look at the fine you'll take a look at the fine automobilele,,,,,,,,
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage.
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made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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here we go. it's a warm one out there this morning. 62-degrees in baltimore and any hague -- and 64 in hagerstown and we're 18 degrees warmer in easton. that's leading to a warm
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afternoon. the wind wills pick up and we'll be brought into the 80s. there's a storm system out there. it's passing to the north. it will be close enough to see a late day thunderstorm. the best chance is across the western parts of the state. another one follows thursday and friday and at this point, it's staying to the north. while it's doing so, it continues to pump up the heat. we're going close to 90 degrees for the high temperature. later on, it comes through friday night and saturday. this is going to knock us back down and we'll see the chances for showers returning. tropical storm lisa continues to chug along very, very slowly. winds will 46 miles per hour. it's moving to the east, north east and that will turn around. you can see through monday, it barely moves at all. there's another area out to the west. the thing with this, it could develop and it looks like it's going to.
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it will be matthew. >> small craft advisories for the waters. tonight, we're going only into the 60s. were we'll continue to go up to 92 friday and we'll cool down into the weekend. thank you, what's wrong on the way to work, here's sharon. well, we cleared up two of the problems. the debris we had is gone and we have this accident on 95. it's not southbound lanes past aberdeen. that's off of the road and at this point, the accident is on the right shoulder. a second accident causing a problem on 70, that's westbound approaching wood vine road. and that's blocking two right lanes. as you expect the delays heading westbound. >> and there's the drive times and the speeds. we're seeing delays on the
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westside outer lupe. and that's a 12 minute drive time. there's a live look outside at 95. no delays because of the nearby accident. everything's running smoothly on 70 and 29. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. >> thank you, and speaking of cars. we'll go to the foot of broadway and fells point. >> this is cool. we're proud to be here at the foot of broadway. this is over at rash field. we wanted to show all of the fabulous vehicles. it's for the benefit of the children's guild. laura, kind enough to join us again. we move to better location each year. >> you raised $25,000 for the
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children's guild last year. we were hoping to raise more this year. we moved it to a larger venue. we have the rusty skuper and also, it's open to the public and we expect 3 to 5000 people and come down and see the cars. you can get the vip tickets if you want. the these folks were kind enough to come down. we have to talk to themful >> this is randy moss. >> i'm good, how are you. this is a 1986 ferrari. >> beautiful. >> thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> it's gorgeous. we have motorcycles too, guys. joe, this is a decati.
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>> >> this is the 2006 sport 1000. it's part of the sport classic line. it's a fun bike. will you be at the show? >> no, but people will. well, thank you so much. >> well, your name. chuck. there. >> ? this is 12 cylinder ferrari i've had it for six years. it's a great car. thank you. back there! who's that? >> marco. come up here, come on, quickly. i know, we're running out of time. what's this? a mazarati. '08. i cannot remember the year of my car either. i think he's driving for someone else.
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come on over. >> this is really fascinating. this is a 1971 fiatt. >> it's luigi's luxury cousin. >> this is a lamborghini. it's a white on white anniversary car. 657 examples and only 7 white on white. and this is one of three that still exists. what would this sell for if you were selling. >> well, if i was selling it, half million, but on ebay for $100,000. it's viva italia. it's at rash field and it's 10:00 to 4:00 on sunday. come on out and help the
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children's guild and see fabulous sports cars. it's so cool! . i'm bring this back, bern. okay. i've had two in my life, my father wrecked one and my dog ate the interior out of one. i've stuck with other cars. still to come on the eyewitness news morning edition -- >> i'm adam may and how they're using this truck to get rid of bedbugs. that's comom,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bedbugs are bomb barding maryland. >> reporter: bedbugs crept their way in to frederick county. this is ridiculous. how could someone get them in the books? >> a librarian spotted them in two children's books. >> we were fortunate that she saw it and she knew what it was and knew what to do. >> they're a national pandemic and nearly eradicated in the
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50s, new bans on pesticides make it difficult to kill them. we immediately bagged up the materials that were in the proximity to the book. we bagged them up and removed them. >> now, all of the items are here, once the inside reaches 120 degrees, the critters should die. the sun and containment aren't the only -- all eight libraries are spried with test sides. they don't know what causes als and parkinsons. some tie it to that stuff. >> this is nice and relaxing and a quiet environment. you'll still use it. >> some think it's overkill how we've addressed problem, but we think it's something if handled quickly, we'll be better off
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for it. >> if you're curious, it cost the average household $2000. >> yet to come, a security crisis. new plans to prevent something similar from happening at the colleges an universities like what happened a johns hopkins last week. a 12-year-old girl forced into prostitution managed to escape from her pimp. we'll explain more, coming up. we have several students and including three of them with overturned vehicles. right now, over to bernadette. well, good morning, it's a warm start to the day and we're heating up this afternoon. we'll have the full forecast coming up shortly. some celebrities are talking ravens and we'll talk about a fantasy football league.
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also, he'll talk about his new show with jim belushi. stay tuned. we'll continue in a moment. [ ehrlich ] annapolis -- if they have their way, we're facing a mountain of debt and a massive tax increase. employers will continue to leave our state, taking their jobs with them. the next four years will impact the next decade, so we've put together a road map to 2020. a plan that brings jobs back to maryland by reducing spending and lowering taxes. let's make the maryland we love not just good, but great. now let's get down to work.
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it's 6:30 and the more spectacular shot is coming from the east. sharon has the traffic and of course, it's bernadette woods in first warning weather. well, we have the radar working a little bit extra this aaron. there's a chance for a shower and thunderstorm and this morning, we have a chance of warm air. we'll start in the 60s for most of us and into the everyone ark we're warming it up. and 62 in baltimore and everything from 70 degrees in rock hall. and we're going all the way to 88-degree and there's a chance nor a shower and thunderstorm. then, we have hotter air coming our way for the next few days. thank you, and the traffic
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usually heats up when the sun comes up. we have a bunch of accidents. three of them involving overturned vehicles. that's in the area past aberdeen. it's month right shoulder. this is blocking two right lanes of -- 70. this is in north calvert street in east 30th. one more on glenn oak and woodlawn drive. the topside is still delay free and the westside, there's an average of 42. that's a 15 minute drive time and there's a look at 95 and aberdeen. still, delay free and there's 70 and 29 and a look at 95 south of the beltway. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. buy right the first time and
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you'll save more in the long run. a grand jury is accusing a man of prostituting a 12-year- old girl. andrea fujii is live outside the federal courthouse. >> good morning, don. prosecutors say that this man not only lured the 12-year-old into prostitution, he threatened to kill her. already in jail for prostitution, he had a federal prosecutors throw the book at him. the charge is sex trafficking of a minor. >> a 12-year-old was enticed by a 42-year-old man. according to the same. he took the girl from maryland to atlantic city and sold her services eight times and brought her back to a laurel hotel. the prosecutors say he threatened to shoot her if she left.
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>> he was accused of running essentially a brothel. >> he eventually left the girl alone in room 319 and she called her mom and the police arrived. it's fortunate that the girl was found quickly and they were able to get her the support she needed. >> she was promised a large home and a top position. and when he left her at the hotel, he went to his family's home. there was eight kids here. six of them girls. >> he never told the neighbors what he did nor his name. they only knew him as smitty. he's in custody in anne arundel county. >> don, back to you. the girl is back with her family now and expected to testify at the court.
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a utility poll caught fire after a truck crashed into it. the truck came to a stop there. it's not clear why the driver lost control and no one was injured there. >>,. >> this morning, there are fewer chances to find a job in maryland after 6000 disappeared in august. that's according to the labor department's latest report. we're still better off than the national average of 9.6-%. lawrence summers is leaving his white house post and going back to harvard. the midterm elections are important to the president. a familiar face is taking to the road. >> reporter: the white house is
6:35 am
about to unleash one of the biggest stars unto the campaign trail. next month, michelle obama will head line at least 9 democratic fundraisers in six states. she'll raise money for a handful of candidates. among them, a wisconsin senator, and a california senator. >> i think she'll go out and make a forceful and positive case for what this administration has done. the white house insists she's eager to hit the road and democrats are as eager to have her. she's more popular than her husband. >> even if you're not a fan of barack obama, a lot of people still like michelle obama as a person and a mother and role
6:36 am
mold. >> reporter: she's scored points with america and liberals believe that could shrink the enthusist gap among voters. she has enormous power in energizing the base where that's necessary. >> come november, democrats hope she'll live up to the same nickname she earned during the 2008 campaign. in washington, tara mergener, wjz, eyewitness news. and stay with wjz-13 for the lacest polls and updated information, go to and an accidental death overshadows the 2010 campaign for senate here in maryland. this green party hopeful was hit by an suv while riding her
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bike and she died. it's unclear if the driver will face charges. >> a doctor shot inside johns hopkins followed by a murder suicide. and mary bubala reports on a high level security meeting. >> reporter: security crisis at johns hopkins tested it's emergency response and that of the police. >> a man armed with a pose toll shot the -- pus -- today, the police commissioner summoned heads of security for local colleges and universities to a special security meeting. >> the baltimore police department and otherring a sis are able to come in there and have a turnkey response.
6:38 am
>> reporter: at the table, heads of security from the universities and the hospital -- the response to the shooting is now the road map of what to do for campus security and the police. >> we train for these at hopkins and they trained for these things as well. with these tragedies, it's gratifying to see things go as planned. their response was breathe taking. >> we have to speak the same language of the security staff. the police commissioner will meet with the local heads of campus security four times a year to make sure everyone's up
6:39 am
to date. dr. cohen is in good condition this morning. >> there the birds struggled to win anywhere two months ago and now, bergesen threw six solid innings of work and holding the red sox to one run. they won, 9-1. they'll go for a sweep in boston later on today. that's exciting. how about them o's. >> oriole's magic. feel the entitle. -- excitement. someone made it happen any way. we'll go to 88 degrees for the high and we'll have a chance of thunderstorms and the bigger chance is the heat returning to maryland and we say heat, 88 today, 89 tomorrow and 92 friday. >> wow!
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wow, seriously. coming up, actor jerry o'connell is on coffee with. we'll talk about his new show and ravin's football, too. ,,,,,, old gibbs canning company.
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,,,,,, today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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good morning, 62 degrees to start out the day. that's 13 degrees warmer than yesterday. it's all ahead of the front here. we could see a shower or thunderstorm and better chances west and north. this front will get out of here and another will follow, then, it's going to be off to the northwest and funneling in warm air. one thing we're looking at, the cold front will knock us into the weekend. and the other thing, this is the tropics. you can see this time frame taking us through monday and we'll continue to monitor this
6:44 am
and keep you up to on lisa. southern parts in the caribbean will develop more so. it will be matthew if it forms into a tropical storm. >> back here at home, south winds at 15 knots and we're going up to 88 degrees. it will be a really warm one out there and slight chance for a late day shower and thunderstorm and thing that forms will come to an end. we're back up to 89 and 92 friday and then,the cold front. and then, there's a chance for a shower when it passes through and the cold air will take time to arrive. we're forecasting cooler 76 sunday and monday. what's happening on the hurry up, here's sharon. a lot of accidents this morning and already delays as well. we'll talk about an accident on 95, still in the southbound lanes past aberdeen, it's involving an overturned vehicle
6:45 am
and a second tractor trailer on 70 westbound, that's blocking two right lanes and another in the city involving an overturned vehicle and an accident in the city on bel air and frankfort. and one more in gwynn oaks. and watch for delays on 95 approaching the beltway to # 95. that will cost you three minutes. and there's a look at the average speeds and drive times on the top and the westside. and the topside's slowing down down to 50 miles per hour and the big slow spot is going to be on the westside with the 36 miles per hour average and a 17 minute drive time. there's a live look outside at the delay. a lot of brake lights there at old court road. and that's empty there. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. you'll find quality cars and trucks. toyota, moving forward.
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>> thank you, cbs premiere week is tonight. you'll want to watch "the defenders." that's at 9:00 followed by eyewitness news. and jerry o'connell is starring on coffee with and it's furnished by cbs. welcome to the eyewitness news morning edition. sitting outside this glorious morning in front of the sign of "the defenders." do you know how much sign this cost to rent? i was definitely going to show it. >> do you know how much? >> a lot of money. we're not making any money on the show. it's all going to the sign. we had a billboard once, too. it didn't cost us anything. it's expensive in vegas. >> it's generating business for the legal firm and we're excited about this.
6:47 am
when i was reading the bios about the characters, it seemed, well, i thought that jim would have your character. you're the one out there and he's more of the businessman. >> well, it's based on a couple of real life criminal defense attorneys in las vegas. you know, i think, well, i'm sort of the guy who's single and, you know, ready to mingle and has a lot of fun. las vegas is a good town to be single in. >> i'll bets the. and jim's character is the family man and he's trying to work out issues. >> he has a marriage on the rocks and a kid he's trying to maintain a relationship with. and the big problem is, like
6:48 am
these guys in real life, jim and my character, we have a strong relationship and we fall in love with all of the clients and we do all we can and that's our personal lives -- >> and in the courtroom, let me tell you, marty and don, if you come out to vegas and get in trouble with the popo, you'll want us representing you. so, with the popo, thepoopoo comes down. >> well, the courtrooms in vegas, we spent time there doing research, they're very nice and big, new buildings. you may remember them from the o.j. simpson trial. we, it's a city of a million people. there's a lot more to vegas than the strip of neon. it's a happening town. and that's why cbs wanted to make it into a show. it was supposed to be a reality
6:49 am
show based on these guys and for legal reasons, that couldn't happen. you couldn't tell stories about the guys. >> what are their names. michael christoli and marksegis. >> good luck on spelling that. >> also, we played a commercial for them. how much did that cost them? >> nothing, man, we're all friends. do you know how to spell his name. >> sagesse. >> all right, i'm coming up with like, guys who play in italy.
6:50 am
>> hey, don -- >> we'll be relative. >> yeah, know, keep surfing the web, you want to check your e- mail or something. >> hey, send out a few tweets. probably toli. >> oh, i got you. i'm going with the champagne. >> hey, listen, the show is getting dynamite reviews and all joking aside. no movie made at a network level until research is done and you're sitting on a big, big hit. i want to tell you the other really fun thing aside from working with jim belushi, it's on cbs and they carry all of the afc games and i'm going to come down and watch your birds of pray. >> who's your team? >> well, listen, i don't want to get into a fight with
6:51 am
everyone, but i'm from new york and i do like the jets. i'm a big flacco fan, he's on my fantasy team and mason and boldin. >> we, you come down, call the king 13 and we'll set you up and you'll tailgate with me and we'll have a good time. >> i would like that. >> the invitation is there and you make the phone call and i'll set it up. >> ha, see ya. >> could you imagine! that would be fun. well, you know, man oh man. the ravens are getting like serious respect here. sure. sure. >> we have to ,,
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twitheehr flyreshed bak ge bal tw fistsnlor o,y $3 ke li d ouricelioewus n ma totoil bas weor shoet ctecolahi cp, g sothrab ree 3 for y.toda [ ding! ]
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we have a slight chance for a late day thunderstorm and that front gets out of here. the next cold front friday night and saturday, it will knock us down into the 70s by the end of the week. good morning, everyone. and another accident to tell you about. there's a live look at the
6:55 am
latest one on 895 southbound. you can see, it's blocking the left lane. watch for delays there. 95 is a good alternate. we have that accident on 95 southbound past aberdeen. an accident accident on 70 westbound and that's involving an overturned vehicle. that's blocking two right lanes with the delay and an accident on north 30th. and another on east pratt and one on glenn oak and woodlawn drive. 95 southbound still slow approaching the beltway and three minutes at 43 miles per hour at this point. and then, we have typical delays on the beltway as well. there's a live look at the westside. this is brought to you by the cochran firm. back to you, don. >> a man is accused of sex
6:56 am
trafficking charges. he forced a 12 year old into prostitution and took her to atlantic city and sold her services several times. and the fallston high school freshman struck and killed in harford county will be laid to rest today. the police say he was crossing a busy intersection and hit by a car. the 19-year-old driver had the right of way. yesterday, the detectives combed through the home of a man who shot a doctor late last week. they were looking for information as to whether or not he was planning on shooting the doctor and his mother and himself. stay with us, complete news, and weather and traffic still ahead for you this morning and coming up, an inside look at thth,,,,,,,,
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